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At Alphaconcilio we believe in making Market Access strategy an inherent part of product development from early-stage to post-launch phase. This approach allows us to minimize risk by:

– identifying access barriers at each stage and redefining the strategy accordingly       

– working closely with the relevant stakeholders, combining our expertise and insights to optimize our value proposition

The flexibility required to constantly adapt our strategy throughout the product lifecycle is an invaluable asset as we address future trends in global healthcare.






Development of Global Value dossier

USA & Europe: Preparation for the launch of a topical product in Onco-dermatology by writing and making available a “Global Value Dossier” for distribution in 40 subsidiaries

Support for regional and hospital listing

France – Referencing of virology, oncology, cardiology, psychiatry products
France – Drafting and submission of COMEDIMS dossier – Relationship with UniHA, RESAH, Unicancer, APHP purchasing group

Stakeholder mapping / Questionnaires & payer interviews (international)

USA & Europe: For an indication extension, molecule in onco-dermatology – Phase III, preparation of the Market access strategic plan, organization of the value proposition test phase with payers and decision-makers, identification of stakeholders, writing questionnaires and interviews.

International, national & regional market access strategic plans

USA-Europe-South America – New product launch in dermatology – definition of price strategy (IRR) – development of Global Value dossier
France- Kidney transplantation – Deployment of a budget impact model region by region – Introduction of new biological


Analyzes Prices and reimbursement conditions for molecules in phase II

USA: Price analysis by benchmarking and comparisons of alternative therapies for an orphan drug in the treatment of cutaneous lymphoma // Evaluation of reimbursement conditions and test of the pre-proposal of value (Medicare / Medicaid interviews)


 Preparation of regional referencing

France – Stroke management – ​​identification of decision-makers and influencers, implementation of appropriate communication support

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